Nail Enhancement


***&up*** Certain length and certain shape of the nails will cost extra. Longer than active length will cost $5+ (depend on the length). Certain shapes like coffin, stiletto, or almond will be an extra $5. Fill in (+cut down) with re-shaping these certain shape will cost $3-$5 more. Using more than 3 colors (gel polish) will cost $3-$5 more. Please check the price with the technician/management before getting service(s).

Full Set

Acrylic Powder $25 & up

Gel or Pink Powder $30 & up

Color Powder $40 & up

Pink & White (Solar Nail) $45 & up

Pink & White Ombre $50 & up

SNS (on natural nails)$35

SNS (with nail tips) $40 & up

SNS French or tip color $40 & up

SNS Ombre $45 & up

Gel Polish on Powder $15 extra

Matte top coat $5 extra

Gel Polish Change on Acrylic $22 & up

Cuticle clean up with powder $5 extra

Nail repair with service $3 & up

Nail repair without service $5 & up

Gel polish removal $3 extra (free if doing gel polish again)

Acrylic Removal only $10

Acrylic removal with other services $5 +

Fill In

Acrylic Powder $17 & up

Gel or Pink Powder $20 & up

Color Powder $32 & up

Pink & White (Solar Nail) $32 & up



Classic Manicure $12

Nail trim + shape, soaking, cuticle grooming, moisturizing massage, hot towel, and polish.

Sport Manicure $17

Classic Manicure with an extra honey tangerine sugar scrub to remove those dead skin and exfoliate.

Organic Deluxe Manicure $25

Classic manicure with an extra organic sugar scrub, hand mask + hot towel wraps and warm paraffin treatment.

Gel Manicure $30

Classic manicure + gel polish.

Extra Services with Manicure

Extra hand massage$1 /min

3 or more gel colors added$3

Shiny buff added $3

Matte  top coat added $3

French/ American/ any tip color $5

Paraffin Treatment $6

Take off acrylic + classic manicure $20

Take off gel polish + classic manicure $20

Designs/ Ombre $5 & up (for 2 nails)

Designs/ Ombre’ $15 + (for 10 nails)

Kid’s Menu (for children age 10 & under)

Polish change hand $5

Polish change feet $6

Manicure $10

Pedicure $17

(Free 2 nail  designs on 2 toe nails or 2 finger nails if getting both manicure and pedicure together)


All of our Pedicure services comes with ultra-hygienic disposable liners and separate new file, buffer, and pumice in a bag to prevent cross-contamination for every customer.

All the Pedicure will come with callus treatment for those dry heels as well. Tools will be cleaned sterilized complied with state board regulations and standards. We also add the extra Sani-tablets (optional) that eliminates cross-contamination caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Sanitary is our most important in this salon. We take this very seriously.

Please inform the management if you have any questions or concerns.


Classic Spa Pedicure $23

Nail trimming + shape, cuticle grooming, callus treatment, sugar scrub, lotion massage, hot towel, and regular nail polish.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure $30

Getting pampered when you don’t have that much time. This pedicure comes with sugar scrub will help get rid of the dead skin + exfoliation while the marine mask with hot towel wraps will help relax those ached muscles on your leg. it only takes a few minutes longer than the classic spa pedicure.

Sani-tablet soak, nail trimming + shape, cuticle grooming, callus treatment, honey tangerine sugar scrub, marine mask with hot towel wrap, lotion massage, and polish

Aroma Sensation Organic Spa Pedicure $36

Your choice of favorite scent pedicure in a box package: jasmine, tangerine twist, cucumber fresh, ocean fresh, virgin olive, vitamin recharge, lemon quench, green tea, lavender relieve, more scents are coming…

Scent salt soak, nail trim + shape, cuticle grooming, callus treatment, organic sugar scrub, organic mask with hot towel wrap, hot stone + lotion massage and polish.

Paris Ultimate Signature Spa Pedicure $46

This is our best-offered spa pedicure (The Works). This includes all the steps in the Aroma Sensation Organic Spa Pedicure with an addition of hot stone massage and a warm paraffin treatment. Much more massage in this pedicure and the paraffin will add the extra oil and vitamin that help repair your skin/ heel.

Extra Services with Pedicure

Extra foot massage$1 /min

Gel polish on toes added $15

French/ Tip color added $5 more

Acrylic on the big toe $5 (for one)

Gel color removal on toes $5 extra (free if getting the gel polish redone)

Nail designs $5 & up for 2 big toes.

Ombre added $5 & up  for 2 toes nails.

Paraffin treatment for feet $8

Additional Services

Acrylic Removal only $10

Acrylic Removal $5 (with any new set)

Acrylic Removal with Manicure $20

Polish change on Hands $7

Polish change on Feet $8

French Polish change on Hands $10

French Polish change on Toes $12

Nail Design $5 & up for 2 nails

3D design $15 & up for 2 nails

Nail repair $3 with fill in for one nail.

Nail repair only $5 & up

Shiny Buff $3

Paraffin Treatment for Hands $6

Paraffin Treatment for Feet $7

Gel Polish change on Hands $20 & up

Gel polish change on toes $22 & up

French/ American/ any tip color add $5

Matte top coat $3-$5 extra


Eyelash Extension***Appointment only***


Clusters $35

Individuals $140

Eyebrows tinting/ coloring $15


Eyebrows $8

Lip $6

Chin $7 +

Neck $10 +

Full Face $30 +

Half Leg $25 +

Full Leg $45 +

Half arm $25+

Full Arm $35 +

Bikini $25 

Underarms $15 +

Hand & Toes $10 +

Chest $25 +

Full Back $45 +

Brazilian $40 +

We also provide our services & offer the discount to various events such as Private party, Birthday, Bridal Party, Baby Shower, Corporate Meeting…
Consult Management for more details or make an appointment.